School Bus Driver Told off Girl While Dropping Her Off, Next Day Angry Mother Got on the Bus

After a school bus driver allegedly scolded their daughter, a family angrily swarmed him with defensive slurs, only to face an unbelievable fallout in court.

While Reddit’s popular “ProRevenge” community booms with the “whatnot” of revenge stories, one narrative of a dad’s paramount payback on a family for getting back at a bus driver had people raving their uproar online.

After a tumultuous work record in his previous school, the man in question—a high school assistant principal—thought working in his new school would be much better. However, one incident surrounding a student’s “entitled family” and their horrific altercation with the school bus driver was the least he’d expected to witness in his career.

A bus driver | Source: Shutterstock

A bus driver | Source: Shutterstock

The Redditor first shed light on the incident by saying they weren’t 100 percent sure where it all started. But they could very well tell that it either started with the school bus driver accidentally bumping into a girl student while dropping her off, or he scolded her for saying something rude.

Either way, the girl decided not to let it go and immediately texted her mom about it. Moments later, the girl’s mother stormed out of her house and yelled at the guy. Unable to confront the two, the driver drove off, but to his horror, it didn’t end there.

A little girl standing in front of a bus | Source: Pexels

A little girl standing in front of a bus | Source: Pexels

The following morning, he arrived at the girl’s driveway to pick her up, but she was nowhere to be seen. Instead, her mother, brother, and sister were waiting for him.

Surprised, the driver opened the door and asked them about the girl. The three boarded the bus in what turned out to be the guy’s worst nightmare ever.

Despite solid evidence, the judge didn’t check the footage.

The girl’s family screamed at the poor driver using swear words and threatened him while the other kids were terrified. However, little did the three know the faculty’s sophisticated HD cameras with audio sensors recorded the whole incident.

An installed camera | Source: Pixabay

An installed camera | Source: Pixabay

The driver sped away as soon as the three got off the bus and immediately rushed to the school’s office where OP’s dad worked. The assistant principal was annoyed and retrieved the recordings of the incident from the bus. After rummaging through the footage, he reached out to the school cop and got the girl’s mother arrested.

The principal allowed OP’s dad to take charge of the situation as he was sure the man would handle these things well.

A police car | Source: Pixabay

A police car | Source: Pixabay

OP’s father avenged the bus driver in a series of incredible acts of revenge. First, he switched the girl to a different bus route to never mess with the driver again.

While that breathed a sigh of relief for the driver, more was coming up for the girl’s family. OP’s dad banned the student’s mother, brother, and sister from setting foot on the school premises again.

To top it all, he granted the driver a month’s paid time off and started retrieving personal witnesses from the students who were on the bus that day.

A school bus on the road  | Source: Pexels

A school bus on the road | Source: Pexels

With the help of their lawyer, OP’s dad pressed charges on the girl’s mother and brother, who’d previously been in a six-month probationary period for a different crime.

Guaranteed with getting the girl’s mom and brother ample jail time, the faculty then dragged the matter to court. However, they never expected the girl’s mother to get anything more than a week’s jail time.

The principal, OP’s dad, and the school cop flocked to the courthouse in case they were to be called as witnesses.

A judge's gavel hammer | Source: Pexels

A judge’s gavel hammer | Source: Pexels

The legal tussle made it evident that the girl’s mother wouldn’t stand a chance. Nevertheless, her lawyer still tried. Despite solid evidence, the judge didn’t check the footage from the bus. He thought that the several other proofs outshone everything.

At the hearing, a little twist of fate played out in the faculty’s favor and earned the poor bus driver justice when the judge declared his sentence for the girl’s mom.

Judge's gavel hammer and someone signing papers in the background | Source: Pexels

Judge’s gavel hammer and someone signing papers in the background | Source: Pexels

The woman was sentenced to 30-day jail time, highlighting charges of threatening, trespassing on school property, and terrifying school children. However, the best part was yet to come, and this time, it was concerning the girl’s brother, who had a record of skipping his previous trial.

The judge issued a bench warrant for the guy’s arrest, and he was eventually made to march to the courthouse the next day where the judge announced a year’s jail time for the guy.

“If that isn’t ProRevenge, I don’t know what is,” stated OP whose post went viral with over 1K upvotes and some incredible responses from people online.

A man in handcuffs | Source: Pexels

A man in handcuffs | Source: Pexels

One Reddit user wrote“As someone who used to ride the school bus, I appreciate your time and hard work, and I hope your route next school year is peaceful and trouble-free!”

School buses  | Source: Unsplash

School buses | Source: Unsplash

Meanwhile, some took a dig at the girl’s brother for pretending that nothing happened despite having a record of convictions to his name. Another commenter said said:

“How stupid is that brother? He broke his probation, then he skipped his trial, and then he just sat at his mother’s house as if nothing had happened.”

As the discussion heated up, people flooded OP’s post with overwhelming comments, and the exciting part —some were former school bus drivers themselves.

A bus driver | Source: Unsplash

A bus driver | Source: Unsplash

“As a school bus driver, I love your dad,” expressed a netizen, while people from the same career stream agreed.

Meanwhile, some users like Lynxsoul thought it was worthwhile to dig through the details and asked a few questions:

“Girl was hit, parents cannot speak up to the man who hit her? Girl was accosted. Parents cannot accost the man who accosted her? Is there something I’m missing…”

A girl outside a school bus | Source: Pexels

A girl outside a school bus | Source: Pexels

“She was not hit. I don’t know what happened 100%, but she was definitely not hit by the bus driver,” OP responded in the thread, adding:

“Parents have every right to do so, in civil manners.”

The girl switched schools after the incident while her mom and brother had no choice but to taste the aftermath of their offense.

“My dad has told this story to almost everyone he knows, as he finds the (almost) instant karma hilarious,” OP concluded.

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Credit: AmoMama

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