My Husband Gifted Me a Christmas Present That Outraged Me – Next Year, I Plotted a Revenge

After a woman’s husband gifted her a Christmas present that was clearly meant for himself, she plotted her revenge. She waited a year until she could get the last laugh against her selfish husband.

For years, a couple didn’t usually give each other Christmas presents due to their financial situation. Instead, the wife would always only buy for their children and her in-laws.

One Christmas, however, her husband came home with a large box about ten days before Christmas. He excitedly told her that he got it for her.

After what transpired, the woman shared her story on Reddit, hoping to share it with other people. To her surprise, she wasn’t alone and many others experienced something similar.

Christmas tree with gifts underneath | Source: Pexels

Christmas tree with gifts underneath | Source: Pexels

The Woman Felt Something Was off with the Gift

The woman wasn’t as excited about the gift as her husband was. “Intuition,” she admitted. She felt it was her husband’s way to splurge on something he wanted for himself.

Come Christmas Eve, everyone is opening gifts. The woman’s husband hurried her to open the facility, claiming she was going to love it.

The woman calmly opened the box and saw a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. To say she was pissed was an understatement.

Vacuum cleaner | Source: Pexels

Vacuum cleaner | Source: Pexels

As they had hardwood and linoleum floors, the woman was content sweeping and mopping the floor. She did not need the vacuum cleaner.

Then, her husband’s true intentions came out – he said he needed the vacuum cleaner for his garage as it even picked up water.

“He said it worked great cause he already tried it before wrapping it up,” the woman added. It was clear to her that he bought it for himself. She would have appreciated a cheap necklace over such an unthoughtful gift.

An upset woman | Source: Pexels

An upset woman | Source: Pexels

The Woman Plotted Out Her Revenge

That night, the woman couldn’t look at her husband. She refused to go to bed with him and slept in the living room instead.

When her husband found out that the reason was because of his gift, he slammed her for being selfish. He told her that gifts were supposed to be what the entire family could use, not necessarily what they wanted individually.

After hearing that from her husband, she stayed awake and planned her revenge. It’d take a year before she could actualize it, but she didn’t mind.

Woman sleeping on couch | Source: Pexels

Woman sleeping on couch | Source: Pexels

Sweet Payback Against Her Husband

Come Christmas time, she found the perfect revenge gift. It was in a huge box, and she knew as she was looking at it that it was the one.

She placed the box under the tree during Christmas Eve. While opening presents, her husband’s eyes lit up when he saw the big box. He was even more excited when he found out it was for him.

He hurriedly opened the box and was stunned to see a case of toilet paper. Then, his wife quoted him: “Christmas was not for what we would want, but what we as a family need or could use.”

Toilet paper | Source: Pexels

Toilet paper | Source: Pexels

That evening, he complained about the gift to everyone in their family. His brothers and the rest of the family argued that he deserved it.

The woman’s bold move was pivotal in their family. Since then, no husband in the family has ever dared to buy their wife a vacuum cleaner or anything similar for Christmas.

People React to the Woman’s Story

People on Reddit were inspired to share their own Christmas gift horror stories. One woman shared that she received an alarm clock from her husband for Christmas because his alarm clock was broken.

Another woman shared that one time, her father-in-law gifted his wife an obvious mop. His wife was pissed until she opened it and saw an expensive necklace hanging from the mop handle.

One person revealed that their dad bought their mother a lawn mower for her birthday. When they separated and he moved into a new apartment with his girlfriend, he tried to take the lawn mower with her.

The person’s mom refused, saying it was a birthday present. He eventually came to the house to mow the lawn, took it to his girlfriend’s house to mow her lawn, and then brought it back to his ex-wife.

When one person asked whether the woman’s husband improved on his gift-giving after her toilet paper revenge, she admitted that her husband never gave her a gift after that and he passed away two years later.

Do you think the woman was right to take revenge on her husband? What would you have done in her place?

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